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Addressing barriers in assisted living, and increasing the percentage of registrants for residency


Case Study


There is high satisfaction among residents of the assisted living facilities. However, only about 12.3 percent of people over the age of 75 who are eligible for this service actually choose it.

We embarked on a project aiming to increase the attractiveness of choosing assisted living, based on studying the mindsets and behaviors of the main target audience (potential residents).


In addressing the challenge, we undertook comprehensive research, which included conducting over 50 interviews and observations with individuals aged 75 and older from various parts of Israel. This research allowed for an intimate observation of the reality of the lives of the elderly, and a broad understanding of their needs and aspirations. In meetings with the audience, several key mindsets were identified that clash with the idea of choosing to live in an assisted living facility. For example, the feeling that moving would affect the ability to express personal identity. After conducting a survey with the audience to test the conclusions, four main barriers to choosing assisted living were defined.


With the research findings in hand, we conducted an ideation workshop to develop responses, together with the employees and managers of Bait Ba'lev. The workshop generated dozens of creative yet concrete solutions, including innovations in existing services, new services, and marketing initiatives. All these were tailored to the unique characteristics of the audience and to the barriers preventing them from choosing assisted living. From these, the most successful solutions were selected together with the client.


A pool of over forty innovative solutions that focus on the needs of the elderly. The solutions stem from a fresh look at the existing resources and services at Bait Ba'lev, and their adaptation to the new understanding of the target audience. For example, it was decided to convert vacant spaces into areas focused on personal needs and aspirations of residents, arising from their unique identities. Together, these solutions make the service more attractive to potential residents.

Currently, the selected solutions are being implemented in Bait Ba'lev work plans and are at various stages of execution.
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