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Conducting a comprehensive UX research around product onboarding in the IoT lineup, as a foundation for an updated UX

THE CUSTOMER: Maytronics

Case Study


Maytronics is the world leader in the pool cleaning robot market. Its flagship products are robots integrated with IoT technology that allows remote control via an app.

Like other smart products, upon purchasing the device, users are required to go through an Onboarding process to install the product and connect it to the internet. Users reported low satisfaction rates from the process, and many contacted the support center for assistance. We embarked on a project aimed at improving the user experience during this process.


The research focused on identifying and characterizing pain points in the Onboarding process, using qualitative research and application data analysis. To deeply understand the pain points, both the user experience and the broader context in which it takes place were examined. This included observations with users while they were going through the installation process. Special emphasis was placed on analyzing the physical and digital dimensions of the experience that occur simultaneously in such IoT products.

At the end, the findings of the qualitative research were cross-referenced with quantitative data to strengthen and refine the relevant insights. This information was presented on the current screen flow, through which we identified specific screens where users experience pain points.


The research revealed three high-level insights describing broad difficulties in the user experience. These insights were passed on to the UX/UI designer as essential groundwork for the characterization and redesign of the process.

One of the insights identified was the difficulty users have in understanding when to start the Onboarding and what the correct sequence of actions is during the process. We addressed this insight by developing the application in a way that utilizes it not only as a platform for carrying out the process but also as a map guiding the user's actions in the digital and physical world.


After weeks of characterization and design work, the updated Flow of the Onboarding process was presented to the client. The output included a significant simplification of the process's complexity, a dramatic improvement in the accessibility of information, and an update of the graphical language according to recognized market standards. Additionally, a document of research insights was presented to the client, allowing various organizational roles to gain a deep understanding of the "real-world" user experience.

Project Management - Tomer Inbar, UX/UI - Yoash Avnon
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