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Context is a Service Design and Customer Experience agency

We combine Design Thinking with Ethnographic Research to help our clients deliver exceptional and meaningful customer experiences

Driven by a single question:

Context is a design studio that partners with businesses on a shared mission: creating positive change through exceptional service experiences. We help businesses navigate complex challenges, achieve their goals, and develop innovative services – all while delivering high-quality and unique experiences for their users.

Utilizing tools from the worlds of anthropology and design, we combine research and scientific thinking with a creative and innovative mindset. This combination fuels our ability to identify problems, craft innovative solutions, and propel organizations towards their objectives.


Ready to see how?

How can we make all of our lives better?

02. Uncovering Insights

A genuine and effective response must be based on professional research. Through in-depth interviews, observations, and field research, we get to know your audience intimately. We uncover their needs, desires, and experiences, painting a complete picture that guides our approach.

03. Crafting Solutions

Using creative thinking and design methodologies, we tackle the gaps identified in the research. We develop a range of innovative solutions and new services tailored to your specific needs and designed to make a real difference. This phase ends with practical solutions that precisely address the needs of the audience and the business, thus ensuring significant impact "on the ground".

04. Bringing it to Life

We work hand-in-hand with you to seamlessly integrate our solutions into your business's daily operations. Our support in the implementation of the solutions ensures their precise integration, adhering to their underlying rationale and based on the new familiarity with the audience. This process allows us to ensure that the solutions provide a quality and effective response to the need defined at the beginning of the project, thus advancing the business towards its goals.


01. Defining the Challenge

Together, we identify your business goals, and map where those intersect with your audience. We identify potential disconnect points where improvement is crucial, laying the groundwork for impactful solutions.

Developing behavioral solutions to reduce fare evasion on buses

The Public Transportation Authority and Egged

Addressing barriers in assisted living, and increasing the percentage of registrants for residency

Bait Ba'lev

Developing a tool to map public issues for government employees

Ministry of Agriculture

Conducting a comprehensive UX research around product onboarding in the IoT lineup, as a foundation for an updated UX


Improving patient experience as part of the dialysis treatment selection process

Nephrology Department at Meir Hospital



Clalit Innovation, Southern District

Developing and testing an innovative service for remote neurological consultation, for homebound patients


Israel Regulatory Authority

Formulating a behavioral strategy for working with regulators



Conducting research, and developing solutions for marketing initiatives


Ministry of Transportation

Developing a strategic plan to improve customer experience in public transportation

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